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Tomorrow, i leave for a vacation where the only internet access i will have will be a Sony Portable Play Station! I am preparing chapters that i will be posting throughout the week, though the music will be up before the chapter! I am only posting about this to abandon confusion for everyone! I hope everyone has a great week!

Thanks for understanding!

Twilight Chapter 4: Invitations

Summary: During chapter four, Bella comes to the conclusion that Edward wishes he didn't save her. The spring dance is coming up and Bella fabricates the excuse that she is going to Seattle that day, so she can't go to the dance. Suddenly, towards the end of the chapter, Edward starts talking to her and assures her he doesn't wish he he didn't save her, then unexpectedly, he asks her if he can go to Seattle with her, naturally she accepts the offer.

Fall for you by Secondhand Serenade [Because, the dream symbolizes that Bella is falling for Edward, though she may not realize it that much yet.]

Chapter four was interesting, mainly because you'd think that after he saved her, that would be his breaking point. He would admit he had feelings for her and that he would like to see her more often. Towards the end he did but he didn't express feelings as strong as i would've liked to see. But in the beginning, she describes her dream with him in it. She says that he kept running away from her. The symbolism is huge in this action! He eventually decides to speak to her, but it still represents how he feels in the beginning of the chapter. Also the beginning reminded me of William Shakespeare's "A midsummer night's dream" act 2 scene 1, the dialog between Demetrius and Helena. Even though Bella doesn't express her feelings to be with him so clearly, he still pushes away while she follows.

Portrait Magazine

Portrait Magazine has lately had a poll going and the Twilight Cast and Tokio Hotel are neck and neck! So make sure to go over there and vote for the Cast of Twilight! To vote, follow this link:

Entertainment Weekly Article

Entertainment weekly has posted the article that goes with the cover of this weeks edition online. You can view it through this link here:,,20211840,00.html

Twilight Chapter 3:Phenomenon

Summary: During Chapter 3 , The sun is gone and Edward is back in school. He still is avoiding her and he is keeping his distance. Then before school he saves her from being ran over by Tyler Crowley's van. Then at the hospital she meets CARLISLE!!!! As she is leaving, she decides to talk to Edward to figure out what is going on. He doesn't tell her a lot but is very vague about everything. He tells her frequently that he isn't good for her [as if she cares]. She feels frustrated and it's the first night she dreams about him[AAAWWWW HOW CUTE!!]

Holding Out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler [Bella needs her hero, then again don't we all?]

Chapter 3 frustrated me. I kept remembering the back of the book and i thought that it would be something like "he saw her and the world stopped." I thought it would be love at very first. sight. When it wasn't i t was confused but i kept it in the back of my mind that the book wasn't over yet. I think that because it wasn't love at first sight, it strengthened their bond. The decision wasn't spontaneous or wasn't thought about. They both took the time to think it through. Also in the chapter, we meet CARLISLE!! I think that Carlisle is one of the few good father figures in the book. Charlie seems to enjoy lying to himself that everything is fine, and Carlisle seems to understand what has to be done.

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I am pleased to announce that a photo gallery is currently underway for the site! If you come across any pictures or can send in any screencaps from any interviews any of the actors did, then that would be a HUGE help! You can e-mail them to! thanks!

Entertainment weekly

Entertainment weekly has done an article on the Twilight movie and they have Stephenie Meyer's FIRST Breaking Dawn Interview![Don't worry there's no spoilers!]The Issue should be on newsstands today!


Wow! My site has finally reached its 103rd viewer!! Thanks to everyone that votes for me at Twilight Topsites and thanks to anyone who views my site!

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Twilight Chapters

Hello everyone! In case you haven't noticed, i haven't been posting about the Twilight chapters lately. As soon as my copies of Twilight were back with me, they were gone again! I will be getting one back soon and i plan on posting on hopefully anywhere from 3 to 12 chapters! Ambitious as it is, i think that i can handle it and i owe it to you guys!

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Twilight Greenhouse Scene

Sorry I didn't post about this earlier, but there is a new scene they added to the Twilight Movie, It wasn't in the book but i think that it's replacing when they're in the hospital and when Bella was questioning Edward. The video is below.

Twilight Sneak Peeks

The Twilight Videos i posted about a few days ago were taken off by Summit Entertainment! If you had the chance to see them then that's good, but if not then you'll have to but the Penelope DVD!

The Twilight Directory

Here's a cool site to find other Twilight-related sites and podcasts! Here's the link:
There will also be a button to the right side of the news posts soon!

Borders Midnight Release and Generation Kill

Just a reminder that Kellan Lutz, who will be playing Emmett in the upcoming Twilight movie, is in the new HBO miniseries called "Generation Kill". It will be premiering Sunday, July 13 at 9' o clock p.m. EST on HBO

Also, Borders has recently released the event schedule for their Breaking Dawn midnight release parties all over the country. If you are planning on attending, you may want to go and pre-order your copy and check out the scheduling!