Saturday, June 21, 2008

Breaking Dawn Concert Series SOLD OUT!

Stephenie Meyer's site just reported that the concert venues are sold out! iClips will be streaming the Los Angeles and New York events in their entirety. The link for iClips is here.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Breaking Dawn

Tickets for the Breaking Dawn concert series go on sale tomorrow. Saturday the 21st! See Stephenie's site for the details!

New Movie Photos

The official Twilight Movie Site uploaded some new photos,
you can view them here,
click on the link then click on image galleries on the left.

Happy Birthday!

Our leading man Edward Cullen is celebrating his 107 birthday today!!!!!! Have a happy birthday Edward!!!

[The picture is from the Twilight Lexicon]

The Twilight Lexicon also posted 107 reasons we love Edward, here's my favorite:

19. I love Edward because he's one sexy stud muffin of a vampire. -Rolyat Lebb

lol! Happy Birthday to our favorite fictional vampire that there ever was and ever will be, Edward!!!

Twilight Topsites

We are now on Twilight Topsites! Click the button on the right of the posts to vote for the site!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

New SpringWidget

Usa Today Bestsellers List

Today, the USA Today uploaded their Bestsellers list, putting all four Stephenie Meyer books in the top 13! You can view the list here.
The books came in as..

Twilight #4
New Moon #5
Eclipse #7

And Stephenie's other non-Twilight book, The Host came in as #13!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Twilight for iTunes

iTunes has the trailer for the much anticipated Twilight movie [released December 12, 2008] up to download for free. Just do a search and type in Twilight.

Also, recently i have discovered some Twilight podcasts that are definitely worth listening to. The one that I would recommend is Twilight Series Theories, you can visit their site here

Twilight Chapter 2: Open Book

Chapter 2, Open Book:

During chapter 2, Bella starts to get used to Forks High School. She notices that Edward is gone for a while and she hopes that it wasn't to her, because of her. Then he finally comes back and is acting unnaturally friendly, considering last weeks events.

I miss you by Blink 182 [Bella slightly misses Edward, or at least she waits for him to return.]

If anyone has any suggestions for future playlists, feel free to leave a comment!

This chapter caught me off guard, for some strange reason, i started reading the Twilight series, thinking it'd be one of those love at first sight kind of books. It seemed strange that he left. Though the first time he smiled at her i fainted... or went in to a coma [same thing ;)]. But then again, didn't we all? It was a bit weird though that he wanted to know all about her personal life. She barely knew him, but she spilled a lot of info about herself! He seemed perfectly okay, even surprised that she wasn't freaked out by him!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Sorry there hasn't been a post on a new chapter lately, I've been really busy. I'll post one later tonight!

Mtv Twilight Tuesday!

Mtv posted their newest "Twilight Tuesday" bit today. It includes a video and they talk about the Cullen family crest, pictured on the left. Also they talked about how they added a new scene to the movie. They posted the manuscript for it online if you follow this link:
The scene seems minor at the time. The cast and Producers said that they had Stephenie's approval for the scene. This is only the second Twilight Tuesday that Mtv has done. We'll keep you posted on more news as it comes!

Happily Ever After!

A heart-warming story was posted on to Kaleb "Twilight Guy"s site today, I just thought i should post it, i laughed so much i almost cried!


"I was walking into work one day when a woman came running around to my desk, yelling for me. She had just finished the Twilight series, and had absolutely gone insane when she found out i had the last name of Cullen (she's new, you see).

She was convinced to win my heart, and every day left "blood" red velvet cake, asking me to go out with her. Eventually I did go out with her, and we actually fell in love.

We were married a year later. I got the love of a wife, and what did she get?

The name: Rosalie Cullen."

Submitted anonymously.

report courtesy of Kaleb Nation

Sunday, June 15, 2008


I am VERY proud to present our very own forum! Where you can discuss the series and stuff like that! Enjoy!!!! here's the link!


Here are some good interviews the Twilight Lexicon did, Enjoy!

Twilight Teez

Here's a cool site to buy all of your Twilight merchandise! I for one, am personally VERY excited for Bella's engagement ring! Also the t-shirts are hilarious! So go on over there!