Friday, July 11, 2008

Twilight Chapter 3:Phenomenon

Summary: During Chapter 3 , The sun is gone and Edward is back in school. He still is avoiding her and he is keeping his distance. Then before school he saves her from being ran over by Tyler Crowley's van. Then at the hospital she meets CARLISLE!!!! As she is leaving, she decides to talk to Edward to figure out what is going on. He doesn't tell her a lot but is very vague about everything. He tells her frequently that he isn't good for her [as if she cares]. She feels frustrated and it's the first night she dreams about him[AAAWWWW HOW CUTE!!]

Holding Out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler [Bella needs her hero, then again don't we all?]

Chapter 3 frustrated me. I kept remembering the back of the book and i thought that it would be something like "he saw her and the world stopped." I thought it would be love at very first. sight. When it wasn't i t was confused but i kept it in the back of my mind that the book wasn't over yet. I think that because it wasn't love at first sight, it strengthened their bond. The decision wasn't spontaneous or wasn't thought about. They both took the time to think it through. Also in the chapter, we meet CARLISLE!! I think that Carlisle is one of the few good father figures in the book. Charlie seems to enjoy lying to himself that everything is fine, and Carlisle seems to understand what has to be done.

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