Friday, July 11, 2008

Twilight Chapter 4: Invitations

Summary: During chapter four, Bella comes to the conclusion that Edward wishes he didn't save her. The spring dance is coming up and Bella fabricates the excuse that she is going to Seattle that day, so she can't go to the dance. Suddenly, towards the end of the chapter, Edward starts talking to her and assures her he doesn't wish he he didn't save her, then unexpectedly, he asks her if he can go to Seattle with her, naturally she accepts the offer.

Fall for you by Secondhand Serenade [Because, the dream symbolizes that Bella is falling for Edward, though she may not realize it that much yet.]

Chapter four was interesting, mainly because you'd think that after he saved her, that would be his breaking point. He would admit he had feelings for her and that he would like to see her more often. Towards the end he did but he didn't express feelings as strong as i would've liked to see. But in the beginning, she describes her dream with him in it. She says that he kept running away from her. The symbolism is huge in this action! He eventually decides to speak to her, but it still represents how he feels in the beginning of the chapter. Also the beginning reminded me of William Shakespeare's "A midsummer night's dream" act 2 scene 1, the dialog between Demetrius and Helena. Even though Bella doesn't express her feelings to be with him so clearly, he still pushes away while she follows.

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