Friday, August 8, 2008


Hey everyone, check out this awesome shout out to all of the "kellmetteers" out there, from none other than the man himself, KELLAN LUTZ! Check it out here:

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I'm baffled. Stephenie Meyer did an interview on the newest episode of MuggleCast. A Harry Potter podcast. I am extremely confused as to the fact i know that the MuggleCast crew have their own Twilight Podcast. Once again, I'm baffled.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Breaking Dawn Audiobook

The Breaking Dawn Audiobook is now being sold! You can buy it at a local audiobook vendor, perhaps Borders? :]

Twilight Guy Report!

This is absolutely THE CUTEST Twilight Guy Report Ever! You can check out his site here: or read the article below:


I'm marking this as anonymous because this story makes me blush more than Bella, and I'd be mortified if any of my friends found out.

My girlfriend is a BIG fan of these Twilight books. And one day we were on a date, and we were walking through the park after dinner. She and I were talking, and the subject of Twilight came up some how. She was telling me how Edward was the perfect guy. I asked what made him so perfect, and she replied with a long list of things, including

"He loves Bella so much he'd die for her, he's a vampire, he's SUPER strong, and he SPARKLES!"

Well, I was interested in becoming the perfect guy, and I'm not exactly super-strong, nor in a situation to die for my girlfriend. So I came up with another way to make her realize that I could be close to perfect, too.

I went home that night, raided my little sister's craft box, and found some glitter. I sprinkled the bottle all over myself; my arms and legs, my feet, even my hair! Then I walked over to my girlfriend's house (she happens to be my neighbor) climbed up to her window (using a ladder that I brought from my house) and knocked on her window. She looked a little surprised to see me at her window in the dark, but she let me in anyway.

When I stepped through her window and she turned on the lights and saw the sparkles, she was thrilled. She proudly proclaimed me to be as perfect as Edward; vampire or not.."

Submitted by anonymous


I hope that by now, everyone is done reading Breaking Dawn! I will start posting again! I know you all have missed me! (I Hope!!) :]