Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happily Ever After!

A heart-warming story was posted on to Kaleb "Twilight Guy"s site today, I just thought i should post it, i laughed so much i almost cried!


"I was walking into work one day when a woman came running around to my desk, yelling for me. She had just finished the Twilight series, and had absolutely gone insane when she found out i had the last name of Cullen (she's new, you see).

She was convinced to win my heart, and every day left "blood" red velvet cake, asking me to go out with her. Eventually I did go out with her, and we actually fell in love.

We were married a year later. I got the love of a wife, and what did she get?

The name: Rosalie Cullen."

Submitted anonymously.

report courtesy of Kaleb Nation http://www.twilightguy.com/

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