Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Twilight Chapter 2: Open Book

Chapter 2, Open Book:

During chapter 2, Bella starts to get used to Forks High School. She notices that Edward is gone for a while and she hopes that it wasn't to her, because of her. Then he finally comes back and is acting unnaturally friendly, considering last weeks events.

I miss you by Blink 182 [Bella slightly misses Edward, or at least she waits for him to return.]

If anyone has any suggestions for future playlists, feel free to leave a comment!

This chapter caught me off guard, for some strange reason, i started reading the Twilight series, thinking it'd be one of those love at first sight kind of books. It seemed strange that he left. Though the first time he smiled at her i fainted... or went in to a coma [same thing ;)]. But then again, didn't we all? It was a bit weird though that he wanted to know all about her personal life. She barely knew him, but she spilled a lot of info about herself! He seemed perfectly okay, even surprised that she wasn't freaked out by him!

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