Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jacob or Edward?

Some people consider themselves "Switzerland" on this subject, i definitely don't. I firmly believe that Edward is the only way that Bella can be happy. I'm 100% Team Edward because i think that he cares. He knows how to take care of her and he truly only has eyes for her. He knows he will never be able to leave her again and she knows that he will never leave her. Jacob on the other hand, he's a werewolf. Werewolves imprint. Some people say to me "But they don't always imprint!", But if you remember in Eclipse, Jacob even said that imprinting could be more common than the stories say. Bella knows who she can't live without, but if she did choose Jacob in the end, then what if he imprinted on somebody else? Like Sam and Emily? Sam and Leah were perfect for each other, he couldn't control the fact that imprinted on Emily. He didn't have a say in it. Though he truly loved Leah, he couldn't stop himself for imprinting on Emily. What if this happens to Bella? She's already had to deal with enough already. I just don't think that even Team Jacob fans could deal with having to read about Bella's pain if she chose Jacob and he left her, it just wouldn't be a very happy book, it would remind me of [SPOILER ALERT! IF YOU HAVE NOT READ A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS OR LETTERS TO BEATRICE BY LEMONY SNICKET STOP HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!] Letters To Beatrice, a companion book to A Series of Unfortunate Events, where at the end of the last book in the series, the kids get on a boat called the Beatrice, and that's the end of the book. Then in letters to Beatrice, there's a code, wanna know what it says? Beatrice Sank. Isn't that just a great happy joyous read? If you can't notice the acid of sarcasm dripping from the last 4 words i typed, then here it is for you. I was joking. I thought that the title "Unfortunate Events" was a bit of a joke. But apparently Lemony wasn't joking. :[

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